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The three portions of the course can be characterized as one downhill mile, one uphill mile, and one
level mile although there are a few variations to that theme. Further, the first two miles are totally
blacktopped with one short area at the end of the second one that is a little rougher than the rest. The
third mile alternates between blacktop, gravel, and a dirt surface. Much of the last mile has two
grooved sections as a result of vehicles having traversed that space and one short section has tree roots
under the blacktop that are a trip hazard. A course marshal will be stationed in this area to warn
runners of this possibility.
The course is continuous and runners should have little to no difficulty in understanding the route.
There is one area in the third mile that has a road branching off from the main course and a marshal will
be available to insure runners follow the correct route. Since the location is a public forest preserve,
there may be non-runners on some of the course, but they should not present any significant problems.
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